• How do I get started?

Write us an email to using this template to give us details about your system and taste in music so we can recommend the right DanaCable for you.  We will also tell you how much the retail cost is and how much the 5% deposit and shipping cost is.
Your system equipment:
Digital Front-End:
Analog Front-End:

  • Speaker cables:
  • Interconnects:
  • Digital cables:
  • Power cords
  • Others:

Other equipment:
Budget for Cables:
Favorite Music:
Other important considerations:
Contact information:

  • OK, I decide to take up on your offer, what’s next?

We ship the demo cables to you along with the return shipping labels (we prepay the return shipping for you).  You have 21 days to try our cables from the day we ship.

  • What if I like the cables and want to order them?

We make the cables you order and charge your credit card for 90% of the quoted retail cost - you get the 5% deposit as credit plus another 5% discount for trying our cables – when we ship them to you.  Use the return labels to ship the demo cables back to us.

  • What if I don’t like the cables and want to return them?

No problem, just use the return label to ship them back to us (we already paid the return shipping).  Upon receiving them, we inspect them to make sure they are in the original condition we shipped them to you.  If so, we notify you that we have recorded the 5% deposit as a credit toward purchases of any DanaCable or Gingko Audio products within 1 year of the original trial date (the date we first ship the demos to you).
If the demos are damaged, we will determined if it caused by the shipping carrier in which case we will file a damage claim with them.  If it damaged by you, we will contact you to work out an acceptable resolution to the issue.

  • What if I want to try a higher DanaCable model?

If you like the demo cables but want to try an higher model (e.g., ugrade from a Sapphire Reference to a Diamond) use the return label to ship the first demos back to us.  Upon receiving them, we will ship you the new demos and charge your credit card the 5% deposit of the retail value of the new demos and the shipping cost.  You again will have 21 days to decide.

  • What if I want to keep the demo cables?

Normally we want you to return the demo cables since they are already broken-in and we can loan them out to other customers.  But if you want to keep the demos, the demo price is 70% of the retail price.  Since you already paid 5%, we will charge your credit card another 65% of the originally quoted retail price.  If we don’t receive the demos back from you 2 weeks after the 21-day trial, we assume that you want to keep the demo cables and will get your approval to charge your credit card.

  • How do I use the deposit credit with you?

You accumulate the 5% deposit when you try our cables, up to a maximum or $500.  You may use it at any time toward purchases of any DanaCable or Gingko Audio products within 1 year of the original trial date.  If you don’t use it, you will forfeit it after 1 year but retain the credit of less than 1 year.  For example, you pay $150 deposit for a $3000 trial, return the first demos and try a new higher model demo worth $4000.  You will pay $200 for the deposit of the new demo.  After the second trial, you decide to order the new model.  Since you have accumulated $350 credit with us, you pay only $3450 ($4000 - $350 credit and $200 discount for the $4000 cables) for the new cables.  But if you do not use the credit, you will lose the $150 credit after 1 year from the first trial, and the $200 credit 1 year from the second trial.  We will keep you updated of the total credit you have with us.

Email us at if you have any additionnal questions about the DanaCable Home Trial Program.


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