DanaCable Home Trial Program

We realize that DanaCable is a sizeable investment on your part. But we are confident that once you've tried our products you will be delighted. So we offer a Home Trial Program to USA customers and on our three top models - Sapphire Reference, Diamond, and Diamond Reference. But for a limited time until March 31, 2014 we have extended the Home Trial Offer to the Sapphire and Onyx models as well.

Here is how the DanaCable Home Trial Program works.

  • You email us at gingko@gingkoaudio.com and, using the following template as a guide, tell us about your system and cable needs.

Your system equipment:
Digital Front-End:
Analog Front-End:

  • Speaker cables:
  • Interconnects:
  • Digital cables:
  • Power cords
  • Others:

Other equipment:
Budget for Cables:
Favorite Music:
Other important considerations:

Contact information:

  • Based on the profile you provide, we email you back our recommendation of DANACABLE, along with the total cost, including shipping to you (we pay for the return shipping).
  • If you decide to try a demo of the recommended DANACABLE, we ship it to you with a return shipping label.  The shipping cost and a 5% deposit are charged to your credit card.  You have 21 days, starting from the shipping date, to try DANACABLE in your own system.
  • If you like the DANACABLE and want to place an order, use the return label to ship the demo back to us.   The 5% deposit and an additional 5% discount will apply toward the purchase price, which will be charged to your credit card when we ship the new DANACABLE.
  • If you do not like the demo, just ship it back to us promptly, in the condition it came to you. If the demo cable is returned damaged, we will attempt to determine if the damage was caused by the shipping carrier or by you.  In the latter case, we will work with you to reach a reasonable resolution of the issue.  If the damage was caused by the carrier, we will file a claim with the carrier.
  • If you decide to try a higher model up the line that we have in stock, the same terms and conditions apply. The credit you earn from each 5% deposit can be accumulated up to a maximum of $500 and you may use it to purchase any DanaCable or Gingko Audio products within 1 year of the beginning of the first trial.
  • We prefer that you return the demo cables but if you want to purchase them after the 21-day trial period, in addition to the 5% deposit, the purchase price of the demo is 65% of the DANACABLE’s retail cost and will be charged to your credit card.

Click HERE for Frequently Asked Quesions (FAQ) about our Home Trial Program.

Email us at gingko@gingkoaudio.com if you have any questions about the DanaCable Home Trial Program.


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